Techline Contemporary Furniture – Product Details



Particleboard: ¾ inch industrial grade, density 48 lbs. per cu. Ft. when tested in accordance with AsTM D 1037-72 a.

Hardboard: ¼ inch, density 64 lbs. per cu. Ft. Meets or exceeds requirements of Fs LLL-B-810B.


All tops, bottoms, sides screw strips, fixed and adjustable shelves” ¾ inch particle board laminated both sides with thermoset melamine laminate. All except screw strips are edged with edging. All exposed edges are eased with a radius of 2mm.

1. Back panels: ¼ inch 48 lb. particle board with thermoset top coated laminate on both sides.
2. Adjustable shelves: ¾ inch particleboard laminated both sides with thermoset melamine laminate and edged on all exposed surfaces with .5 mm PVC edging.
3. side panels: Bored to be compatible with all 32 mm hardware components.

Cabinet fronts: Drawers and doors are ¾ inch particle board laminated both sides with high pressure laminate, edges eased to 2 mm radius and edged with 1.4 mm PVC edging.

Fabrication tolerances: All panels sized and bored to an accuracy of 0.2 mm (0.008 inch).


Materials: sides and backs, 5/8 inch particle board finished both sides with thermoset melamine laminate. Bottoms, ¼” 64 lb. hardboard with thermoset melamine laminate on both sides.

Connections: sides attached to back with #8 x 1-1/2” pan head screws. Fronts attached to sides with metal bolt and cam lock system aligned with hardwood dowels. Bottoms fully glued into dado in sides, back and front.

Edges: All exposed edges are eased and edged with .5 mm PVC edging.


Hinges: Blum clip-on, nickel plated metal, 125 degree, six-way adjustable, concealed, self-closing. Lifetime warranty on hinges, 170 degree hinge optional.

Drawer glides: Accuride, zinc chromate-plated steel with steel ball bearings, mounted in routed drawer sides, aligning. Quick disconnect feature on drawer glides. 6 inch and 8 inch drawers equipped with full extension glides with a load carrying capacity of 100 lbs. File drawers equipped with full extension glides with a carrying capacity of at least 150 pounds and aluminum hanging file rails.

Shelf supports: 5 mm nickel-plated steel, positive locking, four per adjustable shelf.


High pressure plastic laminate: Type GP 28 as defined by nEMA LD3, vertical surfacing grade, factory laminated to particle board with a thermosetting emulsion adhesive under 200 psi pressure at 200 degrees F.

Thermoset melamine laminate: Manufactured by techline, thermally fused to particle board under 400 psi pressure at 380 degrees F. Thermoset top coated laminate: saturated with thermoset, fully cured clear melamine acrylic resin.

Edging: rigid Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), 0.5 mm thick or 1.4 mm thick, coated with UV topcoat, applied with hot-melt thermoplastic adhesive. Guaranteed to never delaminate.


Pulls: 8mm wire with an overall dimension of 96 mm, provided with attaching screws. Finish: [nickel]

Provided self-adhesive bumper pads for each cabinet front.

Installation hardware – sleeve bolt mounting, for easy, clean reconfiguration.

Cabinet locks: Door and drawer locks of steel and zinc alloy, five plate levers provided with two keys per lock with master key keying available.

Toe Kick

Unfinished lumber 4-1/8” high with 3″ front set back, continuous run per group of cabinets. Matching, P-Lam finish as specified


Matching Melamine board with matching PVC edge banding in standard ¾” or 1” thickness in standard depths. Panels greater than 32″ wide are surfaced with high pressure laminate to minimize deflection.

Brackets and standards for wall hung shelving shall be prefinished aluminum by K-V either 80/180 or 85/185 dbl slotted. Provide heaviest duty bracket and standard available. Anchor to blocking at maximum width 24″ o.c.



A. Place, level and align straight and plumb in proper designated positions. surfaces and base shall butt neatly from cabinet to cabinet to permit even unbroken line.
B. Fasten units to walls, studs and grounds, with fasteners adequate to carry the loaded weight.
C. Fasten units to each other at top and bottom inside of front.
D. install wood ledgers or other supports, as approved.
E. install matching trim and scribe strips at abutting walls or other construction, finish to match exposed surfaces.
F. Adjust and realign doors and drawers to fit true and operate smoothly.
G. Lubricate operating parts for a quiet squeak-free operation.


A. remove labels upon final inspections.
B. Clean with mild solvents, remove adhesives from surfaces.
C. wash, rinse and polish surfaces.
D. Apply coat of liquid furniture was to natural finishes.
E. Brush out cabinet interiors and wipe with damp cloth, as each room is completed.
F. Clean exterior finished surfaces with mild soap and damp cloth.
G. remove cartons, crating, shavings and debris.


High pressure laminates manufacturers

• Formica, Formica Corporation – Cincinnati, Ohio
• Nevamar, Nevamar Corporation – Odenton, Maryland
• Wilsonart, Ralph Wilson Plastics Corporation, Temple, Texas

Color and pattern to be identified by user


Fabrication – Plastic laminate countertops and work surfaces

A. Materials: Core ¾ inch particleboard; surface and edges, general purpose, grade GP-50; underside and back, backing sheet, grade BK-20
B. size: Depths: 25 inches deep, unless otherwise indicated; 1-1/2 inch thick obtained by the addition of ¾ inch thick wood, build downstrip, 4-3/4 inches wide, glued and screwed to perimeter of underside.
C. Edges: self-edge prior to surface with same plastic laminate, as surface.
D. Backsplash: 4 inches high with scribe strip.
E. Joints: Knape and Vogt – no. 516 type joint fasteners.
F. Concealed counter top fasteners: K&V 320, 1 inch wide by 11 gauge.

Shop Finish – Plastic Laminate

A. Climatize materials for balance of moisture content. store laminates in a drier atmosphere than substrate. Perform work at approximately 75 degrees F. at 45 percent r.H.
B. remove saw dust and foreign matter from laminate back and substrate. smooth underside edges.



A. Custom fit to spaces indicated.
B. Install straight, flush and continuous, with a minimum number of joints.
C. Scribed to obtain tight fit against adjoining construction.
D. Joints: Tightly fitted, smooth, flush and watertight (no closer than 24 inches to sinks).
E. Secure tops to walls unsung ledges or to base cabinets with approved fastener.