Techline furniture manufactured prior to 1994 is referred to as “Classic Techline”. The original style and hardware parts are no longer produced. Replacement parts that match the original specifications are available as shown below.  Photographs of the part in question are beneficial. They are not available from Techline America, nor are they manufactured by Accuride anymore.

Contemporary open-frame Euro designed cabinets and furniture is based on the metric dimensions for panel sizing and hardware. Standard dimension hardware is mostly carried by retail outlets and not the metric system. Standard size hardware is not compatible with Techline products.

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Dave McEntire (717) 337-2765

Techline Replacement Slides

$29 + S/H

Qty Letter Part # Load Limit Length Travel
S 184-65-128
Pairs Only
- Techline 6”, 8” and 12” H x 18” D Drawers (DW)
- 1806 & 2406 Closet Jewelry Drawer
- 3630E Mini Desk Drawer

Techline Replacement Hinges

$18 + S/H

Qty Description Hinge Cup Part # Description
Half – Overlay
95° Swing
26 mm
Pairs Only
Hinge & Bracket
Three dimensional adjustment all metal hinge - nickel plated

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