LED Lighting Systems — Functionality

Techline Lighting SolutionsLighting by Hafele for Techline® furniture and cabinetry has turned their attention to brining more light to your beautiful creations.  Adding the proper lighting to your project provides beautiful creations. Adding the proper lighting to your project provides a much more functional design with beauty and value.

Leading the way in providing attractive, affordable LED lighting solutions for kitchen, bath and office applications, we have assembled a collection of lighting products that are specifically designed for furniture and cabinets. Our low voltage systems includes lighting strips and surface or recess mounted lights, plus switches sensors, dimmers and more.  All Hafele Loox products are designed with plug-and-play technology to make them extremely easy to design and install, imbedded within the product.

From simple under cabinet fixtures to functional task lighting to the creativity of flashing, colorful LED strips and ribbons, it’s easy for you to find the perfect illumination solution for any residential or commercial interior lighting project.

More Lighting Details (.pdf)