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Techline has been the choice of Architects, Interior Designers and Space Planners for over fifty years. Our fully integrated system allows for custom configurations and unique solutions, using standard components and features a sophisticated and flexible approach for the office and storage areas at home or in business.

At the core of our system is modularity and Techline’s state-of-the art factory. Skilled technicians manage each process to insure a high-quality, finished product. A classic contemporary style that is A.W.I. premium grade certified in wall mounted or self-supported configurations. With a streamlined process from the Techline factory direct to our warehouse or your site, anywhere, meeting our scheduled commitments is assured.

We are casework Design/Build specialists in office and storage systems for the home, business and medical places since 1985.

Our staff and showroom will demonstrate the enduring value of Techline.

Consult with Designer

The Techline System of contemporary furniture was developed in the late 1960’s and emerged as a recognized contemporary furniture and cabinetry trade name in 1977. Since then the Midwestern manufacturer has produced a series of ground breaking innovations that have helped to redefine the state-of-the-art in the Home, Business and Medical / Healthcare markets.

You are invited to visit our showroom in Rockville to examine the extraordinary value of the Techline Furniture & Cabinetry System, and to receive a free in-house design consultation from our architect. If possible, bring the measurements of the area (s) in which you intend to use Techline.

Photos are beneficial.

We field measure to confirm specifications, upon approval and prior to placing the order for manufacturing.

We coordinate and oversee your entire installation project, bringing together builders, interior designers and architects, as appropriate, in order to make certain you get exactly the results you expect – delivered on budget and on time. All deliveries and installations are done by Techline technicians.

Can’t afford to do it all today? No problem. It’s easy to break down your Techline project into phases, while still achieving a uniform finished product.

Techline’s sophisticated solutions also respond to a growing trend toward telecommuting and other alternative working arrangements.

Let the team of professionals at Techline Studios help you assess your workplace needs and create and plan the perfect space.

“Whether you consider yourself preferring traditional or contemporary furniture or cabinetry, we can help you design and create your vision, for your home, business, or medical space”.

– Ed Koenig

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to combine quality materials and a simple classic design with the highest technology, to mass produce a precision contemporary furniture system that is affordable, flexible, and aesthetically satisfying.


  • In-House Design & Installation
  • Dismount prep for change in residence
  • Relocations
  • Re-configure for new locations
  • Components & Hardware
  • Office Accessory Installation

Product Lines

Cabinetry ● Systems Furniture ●
Work Surfaces – Laminate, Solid
Surface Material, Stone
Seating, Fabric TK BDS – Matching
Accessories, Hardware, Parts
Storage Systems, Closet Systems
Wall Beds – Multiple Sizes
Lighting Systems
50 – Standard Finishes


A Legacy of Green

Techline has a “Legacy of Green” and recognizes that green has become a new standard with which consumers judge a company’s sense of community and, therefore, demand more of their products. For instance, when a project employs Techline furniture and cabinetry it is helping buildings gain credits toward achieving LEED certification. Continuing with excellence in manufacturing Techline cabinetry is also “AWI Certified Premium Grade Registry #795.”

Techline manufacturing has been located in Wisconsin in a 450,000 S.F. plant complex since 1960 and building contemporary furniture for residences and business and cabinetry for healthcare facilities for over 50 years. Their headquarters is LEED – platinum. In 1999, the plant was reconfigured with State-of-Art machinery and in 2004, up fitted with leading edge technology. The plant has been operated by union workers since its inception. Over 6,000 medical facilities have Techline cabinetry & millwork in them while producing $50 million dollars of product annually.

Developing processes & adapting to environmental pressures has established them as an industry leader without equal. They are helping buildings gain credits toward achieving LEED certification. Their efficient distribution system, low emission materials, resource and ability to reuse & retask products stands them apart from other cabinet & furniture manufacturers. They have reduced energy usage and increased productivity with an energy savings of over 10% per year. They send less material to the landfill in a week then a single family discards in that same week. Manufacturing efficiencies have offset inflationary costs.

With precision machinery (2mm tolerances) used to manufacture cabinets, architectural casework & contemporary furniture there is very little waste. Eighty-nine (89%) of the particle board that is shipped to Techline for manufacturing is converted into cabinetry and furniture. The remaining 11% has continuing uses.

1) All particle board waste from the manufacturing process is shredded and shipped to a manufacturer who uses it to build outside decking and furniture.
2) Dawdust is collected and shipped to farmers for cattle bedding and later is spread on farm fields to enhance water retention in soils.

Recover – Re-purpose – Rebuild

Manufacturing Air Quality – Techline meets all permit requirements for visible emissions from within the manufacturing facility. Their cutting & sanding operations are routed through a dust collection system that is greater than 99% efficient. M.T.O. (Made to Order) – manufacturing only when a product is needed reduces energy & material use and eliminates excess inventory that ties up natural resources and if not used may end up being destroyed. Our streamlined process from design to completion allows on-time delivery without overhead of warehousing.

Campus Grounds –

Their manufacturing complex was designed and built to protect the neighboring ecosystem. Run off meets state Dept. of Natural Resource Standards and is collected in a holding pond, trapping contaminates and filtering them through the substrate of the soil before the water enters nearby streams or ground water supply. In addition, native plants & landscaping materials on the grounds absorb rainwater and filter CO2 from the air.

Transportation –

Particle Board used in Techline cabinets and furniture is shipped via rail, currently the most efficient method available. Trains use one-seventh the energy of trucking, plus, all Techline materials and parts are manufactured in the U.S. with the intent to reduce one of the major energy costs in process: Shipping.

Product Design – Sustainability

The length of service a product provides determines its ecological footprint. A product in use in the field for many years eliminates the cost of energy and materials needed to make & ship replacements. By building for quality (Ten Year Warranty),
Techline ensures that our products will perform at a high level indefinitely.

Reusable vs. Recyclable –

Other cabinet makers say you are able to breakdown their product making it easy to recycle. This basically ends the products useful life. We expect buildings to change. We make Techline products so it can be reused, reconfigured (all surfaces and edges are finished in like material), and repurposed which keeps Techline out of landfills. The lifecycle of our product is virtually infinite.

Cost Segregation –

Techline products have earned a tax benefit status from the IRS. Reusable cabinets and furniture qualify for expedited depreciation schedules becoming IRS – certified reusable.

People Friendly Materials –

The core material in Techline products is made from post-industrial waste from other manufactured wood products, preserving forests.

Techline uses no formaldehyde. Appropriate materials are used, when required, to contribute to LEED goals of a project.

Our products have no off-gassing or allergic reactions from petroleum-based materials such as laminates.

Laminate finishes are Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified.

Total VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are less than 0.5 milligrams.

The laminate itself is comprised of 60% paper, of which more than 33% is formed from residue wood chips.

Environmental Legacy –

Techline’s commitment to the environment began with their founder, Marshall Erdman. A protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright, Erdman was a leader in sustainable design. In the 1950’s Erdman developed the first modular home called UFormit – a pre cut, materials saving way to build homes. He later expanded into the design build concept and successfully built a Wisconsin State Office Building that used one-third the energy of the buildings of its day. He then pioneered the idea of the new urbanism for residential development.

Then concerned that too many furniture and cabinet makers were wasting raw materials in the manufacture of architectural casework, Erdman went about finding ways to reduce the amount of raw materials required to build cabinetry. He discovered a manufacturing process in Germany that would allow precision in modular cabinets and furniture so that they could be assembled, disassembled and assembled again. Techline contemporary furniture was born.

Marshall Erdman believed strongly in the mantra of the great Finnish Architect Eliel Saarinen: “Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context. “A chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.”

Timeless Design –

Too often furniture is tossed because it tried to emulate a period or a fad. Part of sustainability is to fashion a look for a product that makes it timeless. It requires a far smaller carbon footprint to exchange accessories than to reconfigure or refurbish a room. Timeless design means it’s time to consider Techline – the last cabinets or furniture you may ever have to buy.

Carpenters UnionU.S. Green Building Council Seal

Privacy Policy

As a Techline studio, we respect your concerns about privacy. This document sets forth our Privacy Policy (“Policy”) regarding information received from you and about you during your visits to our website. The policy is intended to protect your privacy and to ensure that your personal information is handled in a safe and responsible manner.

You can visit the website to read the product, company and other information identifying yourself and revealing any personal information.

The only information we might collect and store during this type of website usage is the name of your internet provider, the website that referred you to us, the pages you requested and the date and time of your request. We use this information to generate statistics and measure site activity to make the site more useful to the customers who visit. We do not collect or store personally identifiable information, such as name, mailing address, email address, phone number or social security number.

We do not share personal information provided to us through our website (when you request a consultation or brochure) with other parties. We only use such information to deliver products and/or services information.

Techline USA Limited Warranty (.pdf)


Techline Studios guarantees to the original owner that its product
will be free from defects for all standard catalogued products as manufactured by its factory.

Techline products are produced from the finest materials available in each step of cabinetry and furniture production, starting with the manufacture of Melamine board that is performed in a climate-controlled factory to assure a high quality product from start to finish.

Techline is a precision mass produced modular furniture and cabinetry system that is flexible and aesthetically satisfying combining quality materials and simple classic design. Minimum maintenance is required to assure the longevity of its beauty.

The Result: An affordable, versatile furniture system that will look as good tomorrow as it does today. Our guarantee to replace any component, which shows a defect in material or workmanship, for product produced since 1994, to the present; is your assurance of satisfaction – “value for a lifetime”.